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This guest blog comes from Tracy Diziere of Tracy Diziere & Associates.

content marketing strategy for small businessIf you’re a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, where should you first focus your marketing efforts?

Should you start with a blog, social media, video, email, print, etc.?

Sounds like a daunting challenge, but in fact the answer is easy.

None of the Above

It’s easy–and tempting–to fall into the trap of starting with a task-based approach to marketing. This may give you a quick jolt of accomplishment from crossing an item off your endless “to do” list. But more often than not, that’s the only result you’ll get!

If you haven’t first mastered the basics and developed a strategy, whittled it down to specific goals and then mapped tasks to those goals, you will probably miss the mark and waste a lot of your time and money.

Have you ever produced marketing content (web, email, video, blog posts, social media, etc.) without first figuring out the right offering, the right message based on the right data, for the right market, to solve the right problem, at the right time, using the right media, and the right call-to-action (sigh!), and then wondered why you didn’t get the right result?

Take Heart. You’re Not Alone!

Granted, it’s not as easy as a to-do list item.

But developing an overall strategy (and specifically a content marketing strategy) is a critically important first step to ensuring your marketing success and your business’s growth.

So how does a small business owner create a content marketing strategy?

While a Google search may appear to provide “the Answer,” a word of caution first . . .

Much of the information on content marketing strategy and planning isn’t created with you – the small business owner – in mind.

Most small businesses don’t have the same challenges that mid- to large-sized businesses do (such as “creating executive buy in” and harnessing “big data”), nor do they have dedicated content marketers in-house. And becoming a brand publisher like Red Bull or Coca-Cola (among others) is NOT likely to happen.

Does it All Sound Overwhelming? Here’s the Good News:

On October 2, at the Bottom-Line Boot Camp, I’ll lead you through the process of defining, updating, or shoring up your foundational marketing elements, preparing you to use existing channels (web, blog, social media, etc.) more effectively, produce compelling content to create sales conversations, and work with current (or future) specialized marketing services providers–without losing your mind, blowing your budget, or jeopardizing your success.

And, if you do the work, you’ll walk out of this event with a clear vision of what you need to do to develop your content marketing strategy–and grow your business as a whole.

tracy-dizereTracy Diziere is passionate about helping Arizona B2B companies meet their marketing challenges with strategic thinking and results-driven, research-based solutions. After almost 20 years in the workforce, primarily as an in-house marketer for large entities and small private companies in the professional services and software development/SaaS industries, she founded Tracy Diziere & Associates (TDA), a marketing consultancy to advance strategic initiatives for marketing-savvy small business owners, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs. TDA’s clients gain clarity, focus, and direction to achieve the market position, confidence, and stability they desire from scrutinized product development, brands that resonate with their markets, focused investment in the right marketing activities, and lead-generating communications and content. Learn more at

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